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Advisory Board.

Randy Clower, JD, PHD

Randy Clower

Dr. Clower is the Guideline Medical intellectual property, patent and prosecution specialist. Randy offers a valuable mix of legal and scientific knowledge to the team. Throughout his career he has worked for high level law firms in Wisconsin and New York (Where he currently practices). Dr. Clower is able to advise Guideline Medical and our clients in a variety of scientific, medical and business areas. Specifically; microbiology, immunology, oncology, cancer therapeutics, molecular/cellular biology, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, DNA-RNA & molecular diagnostics, medical devices, small-molecule inhibitors, hydrogel technology, cell/cell-sheet and stem cell technologies, and various other biotechnology/chemical areas.

Randy is also experienced in drafting non-infringement/invalidity opinions, freedom-to-operate assessments, and patentability evaluations for individual inventors, university clients, small biotechnology companies, and FORTUNE® 500 clients.

Ryan Dick

Ryan DickRyan is a software architect and developer focused on medical data analytics, aggregation, and integration with EHR’s and state health information systems. He is a graduate of the Weill-Cornell Health Information Technology program, and holds an MBA with a concentration on IT management & software development.

Ryan actively works with New York State Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO’s) to enable real-time medical data sharing between physicians, laboratories, hospitals, payers, and government agencies. In addition, Ryan has considerable knowledge of the international shipping domain and was the primary application developer of the FedEx Trade Networks routing and quoting software systems.

With the rapid advancement of medical device software technology, Ryan is a valuable resource to Guideline Medical and our clients with respect to medical device software programming and data security implementation.

Todd Staples

Todd Staples

Todd is the Guideline Medical sales and distribution expert. Todd brings over 15 years of medical device sales experience to the Guideline Medical team. He is able to navigate clear sales channels in a market place that is rapidly changing. Todd’s specialty is selling start-up, medical devices that successfully compete against the large medical device companies. Todd is also the go-to expert for companies in need of selling their medical products to the US Government. Todd provides Guideline Medical and our customers with innovative sales strategies that create demand and awareness for market changing medical devices.

Jim Trubits

Jim Trubits

Jim is the Guideline Medical customs compliance expert, licensed custom broker and licensed global business professional. Jim’s vast knowledge of international trade and product safety regulations help Guideline Medical customers to import medical devices in line with FDA and US customs regulations. His deep regulatory knowledge tied to the import/export of FDA regulated products provides value to our team.

John Blest

John is our operations management and cost control expert. He has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing operations, quality control and government contract development. John offers Guideline Medical valuable guidance in the areas of project management, manufacturing efficiency and strategic planning. John has worked for such companies as Linde div. of Union Carbide (now Praxair),Calspan Corporation, and Fulfillment Systems International (FSI).

Merry Constantino

Merry is the owner of ProductLogic; a consumer and medical product design and development company. Merry offers exceptional guidance in the areas of product engineering, product design and product functionality. Her knowledge of product materials and functionality helps Guideline Medical clients to develop high quality devices. She is the go-to resource for 3D printing and modeling of new medical products.

Perry Mykleby

Perry is the Guideline Medical Marketing expert. Perry has held Marketing positions with both large and early stage entrepreneurial ventures. During his professional career he has marketed surgical instruments in multiple specialties such as reprocessing, standardization, sterilization packaging, and otolaryngology. Perry is able to develop marketing strategies and messages that create interest and awareness for a variety of corporate, healthcare product buyers.